Get Free Lovoo Credits

Up to 50 credits with the surprise of the day

We think you’re great. We surprise you every day to show you our appreciation. Simply visit Boxy in the app and get something special every day. With a little luck you can get up to 50 credits at once.

You can get more credits on top of that if you go to “Another gift” and watch a video.

Watch videos & Test apps

For the credit chasers among you, we have a very interesting page where you can get some free credits.

How to find this magical place:

Profile settings > Credits > Earn free credits

Here you can watch videos or download and test apps for a larger amount of credits.

You can choose between two different offers:

Apps from the provider Supersonic Ads
Apps provided directly by LOVOO


The free credit offers are only valid once per download of an app. If you re-download the app from the cloud, you will not receive any more credits.

Every app that you download to receive free credits must be opened at least once. This is the only way the credits can be credited to you.

Earn Lovoo Credits

Various campaigns in the app will help you earn free credits:

Email confirmation:
Confirm your email address and we will give you 25 credits.
Profile verification:
You only stand to benefit from a verified profile. Firstly because this is the only way to have full access to all LOVOO features. Secondly because we will give you 100 credits after verification. Persuaded? ;)

(Please note that in the event of your verified status being revoked and the verification process being repeated as a result, credits will not be paid out again.)

Facebook connection
We will give you 25 credits when you link your LOVOO account to your Facebook account.

Get the free Credits now!

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